Clubs and Extra-curricular

Students, teachers, or staff members who have an idea about a club he/she would like to form need to complete the following steps:

  1. Identify a purpose for the club.
  2. Get a certificated staff member to agree to be the sponsor (teacher, counselor, resource teacher,librarian, vice principal, etc.).
  3. Complete the paperwork (with the help of the sponsor).
  4. Submit the paper work to ASB for approval and then to the Principal.
  5. Have fun in your new club!

California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is one of our clubs that has very specific grade point average requirements.

There are very specific rules about establishing and maintaining school clubs. Please be sure to READ EVERYTHING you are signing before agreeing to be the sponsor for a school club.

New paperwork must be completed and submitted every year and approved by the principal and the ASB.

Fundraising activities must be approved by the principal and the ASB.

Expenditure of funds must be documented in the minutes of club meetings. requests to purchase and/or to be reimbursed must be accompanied by the meeting minutes authorizing the expense of club funds.

In this section you will find template for club paperwork, templates for club meeting minutes, request to purchase/reimbursement and fundraising procedures, all required for a school club. Download them and type directly onto the forms. Submit the forms to the ASB for approval. The forms will then be sent on to the Principal for approval and will ultimately be kept in the Financial Office for auditing purposes. Be sure to keep a copy.

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