Accelerated Math

The Math Readiness Assessments will be administered to all students enrolled in grades 5, 6, and to all 8th grade students enrolled in Common Core Math 8th. This assessment will assist sites with the placement of students into the secondary math pathways for the upcoming year. Sites will be the decision makers for the student course selections as they are the ones with the most knowledge of student progress towards the standards. The criteria used for placement are as follows:

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment in mathematics (these data should be considered to help clarify placement)
  • Grades in previous math coursework
  • Teacher recommendation (if requested by administrator)
  • Math Readiness Assessment

NOTE: Students earning a D or F on the 1stor 2ndsemester report card may be exited from the accelerated math program.

Identify Students for Testing

The Math Readiness Assessment is designed for nearly all students, including most English learners and students with disabilities, consistent with the students who will be expected to participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessments. Students who should not participate include students with significant cognitive disabilities currently taking the California Alternate Assessment (CAA).

  • 5th grade students take the Accelerated Math 6 Readiness Assessment
  • 6th grade students take the Accelerated Math 7 Readiness Assessment
  • 8th grade students enrolled in Common Core Math 8th take the Advanced Integrated Math I Readiness Assessment


Students typically take the placement test in March or April each school year. Please contact your child's current school for exact test administration dates.



Common Core Path: Grades 6-8 -6th, 7th, and 8th grade Mathematics courses that reflect the increased rigor of the Common Core State Standards for Math (CCSSM).

Accelerated Path: Grades 6-7; Advanced Path: Grade 8- This accelerated/advanced path includes accelerated 6thand 7thas well as the first year of high school Integrated (Advanced) Mathematics as 8thgraders.

  • 6thand 7th Grade: Accelerated 6thand 7th-The new middle school advanced course pathway will take key Common Core Math concepts and standards and &"compact" them to enable advanced students to complete three years of CCSS standards in two years. As 6th graders they will complete all of 6th grade math and 1/2 of 7th grade. As 7th graders they will complete the 2nd half of 7th grade math and all of 8th grade.
  • Grade 8: Integrated I, Advanced -The first year of High School Integrated (Advanced) Mathematics at the middle school. The Advanced Integrated sequence includes additional content . including pre-calculus standards. This allows students to progress to an AP-level course (typically in 11thgrade) upon successful completion of the 3-year Advanced Integrated series.

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