Congrats to all of the Robotics students!!

Robotics 1

Robotics 3

Robotics 2

Robotics 4

I am so incredibly proud of all of my Robotics students! This was our (Mary Lanahan & Julie Bendig too!) 4th season coaching FIRST Lego League and one of the hardest working groups of students. The amount of work that they have put in over the last 10 weeks has been "out of this world"! They had to research and provide an innovative solution to a real problem having to do with long term space travel and build and program a robot to compete in a robot game involving 15 different missions. All while expressing the FIRST philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through FIRST Core Values: Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, and having FUN. We were very fortunate to have guest mentors from SPAWAR, Space X, and Johnson & Johnson. We couldn't do this without community partnerships with professionals in the field of study and my guest judges from Marston's staff and Clairemont High School's Robotics Team. I can't think of a better way to start every morning at Marston and I'm looking forward to recruiting for next season to fill the extremely sad loss of my 8th graders that have been with me for 3 years!

Students all received a "participation medal" (Clairemonsters key chain/bag tag) and trophies thanks to our fancy laser cutter in the Engineering/Genius Lab.

Congratulations to the following team members!

Tournament Award (advancing to Qualifying Tournament @ High Tech High November 10 & 11)

Team 7 - Lily N, Lauren O, Sofia S, Grace G, Amaya G
Team 8 - Annika H, Bailee N, Julie L, Myla N
Team 9 - Honore H, Chloe W

Core Value Award
Team 7
Team 9

Robot Game Award
Team 9

Robot Design Award
Team 7

Project Award
Team 4 - Jadyn G, Johnny N, Tobin M, Tyler B

Rookie Award
Team 2 - Max Gr, Jocey C

Most Promising For Next Season (at Marston or a High School FRC team)
Team 1 - Aiden H, Bryce B, Ryder W, Jack B, Gregory F
Team 3 - Samuel A, Raymond L, Gabe L, Raymond V
Team 6 - Bryan B, Ryan W, Michael M

Guest Judges
Marston Staff - Deanne Currigan, Jason Robertson, Beth Bowers, Pam Hashimoto, Joanna Schonian, Joni Moravec, Stacie Nixon, Alex Nguyen
Clairemont Robotics - Mr. Oka, Charlie Jenkins, Keagan Holmes, Matthew Swanson, Sierra Spain, Diego Ventura, Erika Sanchez

Lori Holland
8th Grade Science
6th-8th Grade Engineering & Robotics
Marston Middle School
 [email protected]

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